History of Powell Brothers Services

Powell Brothers started in October of 1944 by brothers, Watt and Charlie Powell. PBR was a vision of Charlie Powell. In working for someone else, he had gained much experience and developed a relationship with many homeowners. With the help of his brother, Powell Brothers Roofing began.

At that time the business was operated out of Charlie’s home. In the early 50’s the office was moved to the Old Baltimore building on Main St. in downtown Memphis. In the mid 60’s the office was relocated to North Bellevue Blvd. in North Memphis. Today, the office is located in Bartlett TN.

Through the years, PBR has employed many family members. Jerry, son of Watt, began his employment in 1964. Roy, Jerry’s brother, began his employment in 1976. Lee, Jerry’s oldest son, began his employment in 1985. Charles, Jerry’s youngest son, began his employment in 1987.

Today, Jerry and Charles are the officers of the company and offer the same experience, dedication and quality workmanship as when the company began back in 1944, over 69 years ago.

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Family.

Charles Powell
Charles PowellPresident
Charles has over 25 years of roofing experience. He began his employment in 1987 as a crew helper. By working closely with his dad and brother, he gained much experience in applying residential and commercial roof systems. Before long he was promoted and was in charge of his own crew. In 1993, he began to manage the inside operations of the company being responsible for all quotes and estimates. In 2007, he became sole owner of PBR.
Jerry Powell
Jerry PowellVice President
Jerry has over 50 years of roofing experience. Since the late 1950’s, he has worked in evaluating, installing and repairing roof systems. He started as a roofer on his uncle’s crew during the summer. In the 1960’s, he went to work for Chris Fiedler Roofing Company and was promoted to a journeyman roofer. Then in 1964, he began his full time employment with PBR. Today he continues to be a consultant offering his expertise and knowledge.
Amy Powell
Amy PowellOffice Manager
Amy is an accomplished professional with over 25 years of administrative experience in business and education. She is a native of North Carolina and moved to the Memphis area 10 years ago. She began her employment with PBR in 2002. She is responsible for the day-to-day administrative and accounting needs of the office.
Elias Jimenez
Elias JimenezJob Superintendent
Elias has over 15 years of experience in the repair, maintenance, and installation of new roofs. He has been with PBR for 10 years managing all crews and supervising the replacement of all new roof systems. He is a hard working individual that strives for quality workmanship and places a large emphasis on customer satisfaction.


(honest words from previous customers – read how we’re doing)

Mr. Powell, Thank you so much for the EXCELLENT service that you and your company recently provided. You came in on the back in of a very bad situation and made it not only a good, but a pleasurable experience. I had been “done over” by a local contractor and was really not very trusting after that situation. The previous work was left incomplete and I only had half a roof installed! Needless to say, I was miserable and STRESSED! After we talked, you assured me the best quality work and even asked me to allow you to show me how it should have been handled initially. I can honestly say I was impressed. From beginning to end, the level of customer service and professionalism was even more than I expected. You went over paperwork and answered my MANY questions, not to mention that fact that I was still a little “raw” from the previous workers’ incompetence. Thank you so much for all of your time and patience with me. I made the best decision in hiring Powell Brothers Roofing. Thanks to you, I have the nicest roof on the block and a beautiful wooden fence in my backyard. I look forward to working with you in the upcoming months to complete the recommendations that you found while inspecting my home. Thank you again Mr. Powell for a job well done! You all truly exceeded my expectations.
Denise Dandridge
Dear Charles, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the entire crew at Powell Brothers Roofing for the terrific job you did on our home here in Memphis. From the moment your polite and professional staff answered my phone call, it was evident that yours is a very high level of service and commitment. You provided a prompt and very fair estimate and gave me great advice as to how to handle the multitude of roof problems that had accumulated on our older home. Your installation crew, led by Shone, was friendly and professional, and the roof they installed is simply gorgeous. Finally, true to your word, we never found a nail nor even a scrap of paper left behind when the job was done. I would recommend Powell Brothers to anybody looking for top-quality roofing and repair at a very fair price. Please feel free to provide my name as a reference any time. Please say hi to everyone, and thanks again!


PS: Thanks for the coffee cup. I use it every day!

Dr. Lloyd and Shannon Finks
After each storm I had to check the roof for blown off shingles and most of the time found some gone. I would then have to arrange to have them replaced. Had brown spots on the ceilings. Some would drip water, some would not but all would give off a damp smell. Had the roof replaced by Powell Brothers and then had the ceilings repainted. No more brown spots, no more damp smell. Now when the storms come I don’t worry about lost shingles or leaks.

I had worked with Powell Brothers before and had been satisfied with your work. I appreciate that I can e-mail you and someone will get back to me. I appreciate that you arrive when you say you will and that the work gets done in a timely manor. I really appreciate that you take the time to do a little extra, repaint the vent pipes, put on new boots, etc., so the finished roof looks good and professionally repaired.

A great looking roof and peace of mind! I feel money for the new roof was well spent and worth every penny. Anything else you want to say? While not the lowest price I got, I know Powell Brother Roofing would do a great job at a reasonable price. So, I was comfortable spending a little more to get a professional finish. I also appreciate that the price was all inclusive. I didn’t feel I was getting nickeled and dimed over every little thing.

Thank you

Tom Elledge
Before we chose Powell Brothers Roofing to install a new roof for us, we had used your services for a few minor repairs caused by wind damage and just plain wear and tear issues due to age and normal wear on the roof. You always responded promptly and did a good job repairing those problems. Each time I asked Shone who was the person who did the work to tell me when it was time for a new roof. This year Shone came off the roof after inspecting a leak I had called about and simply said “It is time” and I trusted his opinion.

You provided an estimate and gave us good advice about not only the type of roofing material to use but also installing a new ventilation system. Your people did an efficient job handling the difficult job of removing the old roof and installing a new one especially considering the limited amount of work space available. They always responded to my questions promptly during the process and we are very pleased with our new roof. We actually look forward to a good rainfall and the feeling of security from leaks we have!

One of the nice things I learned about Powell Brothers was the “one stop shopping” you provide on other home maintenance needs and have enjoyed the ease of just picking up the phone to call for help and having the feeling that you are sending qualified and dependable people to do the various repairs.

I have used Powell Brothers Roofing for 2 roofs. The first was in replacing a roof due to hail damage and the second was on a new construction. Both times exceeded our expectations. The entire process was very easy with really no issues. The work crews did a great job and really seemed to care about putting a quality product on our roof. I have and will continue to recommend Powell Brothers to anyone I know who needs a new roof.
I had my roof replaced by Powell Brothers Roofing. They were very professional in their work and fulfilled all promises in a timely manner. The clean up was great. No debris was left behind. My roof looks great and I’ve had no problems that required a return visit.

The cost was reasonable. Overall the entire experience was great. I highly recommend Powell Brothers Roofing for all of your roofing needs.

Beau Pittman
I just wanted to send you a note and brag on your company a bit. I decided to use your company because of its long heritage of quality. I am also aware of your dedication over the past 40+ years to the Memphis area.

Unlike other overnight roofing companies, I can rest assured that you will be there for us in the future.
I especially appreciate the way you took care of my Mom. Being a widow, she assumes all companies are trying to take advantage of her. I appreciate how you took care of her as if it was your own mom.

Last but not least, your company is completely dedicated to quality. The job is never completed until I am completely satisfied!

Thanks for dedication to excellence!

Ernie Orwig
You were sent to me by word-of-mouth. I have used many other roofers in the past and when it came to my own home I wanted the best and someone who understood my needs.

Surprising, Your schedule was on time, Courteous and polite workers, They treated my home as if it was there’s and went beyond to insure the 125 Rose bushes were not damaged. They were conscience about trash
and I only found 3 roofing nails in the back yard.

I feel I got a good quality roof with quality craftsmanship and during the high winds and heavy rains I have not had any leaks. Not to mention, Several of my neighbors have complemented my roof and I referred them to Powell Bros.

If you want cheap quality, poor workmanship and someone who may not be in business tomorrow please don’t call this company. I was impressed how they responded to my needs before the work and any issues I had afterwards. The same attention was paid to every job not matter how large or small.

I don’t recommend a company unless I have personal experience with them.

Willie Hollinger
To Whom It May Concern,

I have used Powell Brothers Roofing Contractors many times over the past 25 years and have always had a good experience. The time taken by them with each individual job shows through in the successful end result.

As a point of interest, I have used them with the same satisfying results on my own residence.

Best wishes for continued success to Powell Brothers.

R.L. Campbell Contracting Co., Inc.
Robert L. Campbell, IV

Robert L Campbell, IV

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